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Costa Cruises


The number 1 cruise company with the largest and most modern fleet in Europe
15 floating Palaces  cruising all year round: Europe, Caribbean, South America, Far East, Indian Ocean, Alaska, Gulf, Middle East, etc...


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Vienna & Budapest
5 Nights
From 30 March till 04 April
Starting $ 465

Grand Massif Samoens Morillon
Family Resort - With Children's Club Facilities
From 4 months old
Starting from $ 1831

World Cup Russia 2018
from 15 June to 15 July
Starting $

United Arab Emirates & Oman
From 5 January till 2 March 2018
Starting  $ 208
The Alps - France
Family Resort- with children's club facilities from 4 month old
Starting $ 2166
Prague & Budapest
5 nights
4 till 9 April 2018
Starting $ 555
Sweden, Finland, Russia & Estonia
7 nights
From 12 May till 25 August 2018
Starting $ 539
FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid
3 nights
6 May 2018
Starting $ 1920
Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - India
7 nights
From Oct. 2017 till Mar. 2018

Starting $ 615

Ramsès II - Croisière sur le Nil

Du 08 Juil. 2017 au 21 Avr. 2018
Starting $ 1003

United Arab Emirates & Oman

From 15 Dec. 2017 till 02 Mar. 2018
Starting $ 208
Finolhu Villas
Gasfinolhu Island, Maldives.

Resort for Everyone - No children's club facilities, teenagers are welcome in the Beach Villas from 12 years old
Starting $ 4035
Kuala Lumpur - 5 nights

From Nov. 2017 till Mar. 2018
Starting $ 910
Prague, Vienna & Budapest
8 nights

From 01 September 2017 till 31 March 2018
Starting $ 954
Vienna, Salzburg & Munich
7 nights
From 01 November 2017 till 31 March 2018
Starting $ 1104
Terres Cubaines - Cuba

Du 06 Juin 2017 au 05 Juin 2018
Starting $ 3141

New from Nakhal Travel: Chèque Cadeau
Do you wish to offer a trip to someone but you do not know where or what?
Don’t stress out, offer him a « Chèque Cadeau » that will allow him to choose the trip that suits him best.



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Do you need a Taxi for your shopping, a business meeting or just to go around Beirut? Do you need it during the day or the evening? Do you need it for Lebanon? or Syria? or Jordan? or Turkey? Do not hesitate to call us for all your transportation needs

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DGL International is a pioneer company that specializes in promoting international real estate investments to the Lebanese market & Middle East region. We propose properties in Fethiye, Istanbul, Bursa, Paphos, Limassol, Crete, Santorini, etc…

DGL International is part of Nakhal Group, the leading tour operator in the region since 1959, and with over 35 weekly direct flights chartered in te summer to multiple destinations of interest to our clients such as Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and many more…


Nakhal Travel has opened its new offices

Nakhal has crossed the road

Own a property in Fethiye in Turkey,
one of the fastest growing markets in the region

International Real Estate Investments
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